Run Your Business From Your Phone

Never before were you able to run your business from your mobile device so easily and effectively. EasyTag is one place to monitor in real time all sales, incoming and outgoing shipments, progress of the orders, and collaborate with your colleagues on filling the orders.

Be In Control Wherever You Are

EasyTag is the easiest way to organize all of your shipments and orders. It provides a complete visibility of all incoming and outgoing shipments, which are represented in airport-style Arrivals and Departures tables accessible on iOS mobile devices and via web browsers, with pictures, audio notes, automatic shipment tracking, status updates and notifications. You don’t have to be in the office to be in control.

Sales Analytics On Your Phone

EasyTag shows you in real time all the orders received by your business. Orders can be initiated by your staff or automatically by your front end shopping cart. You can immediately see the current sales for the day. The analytics view also shows you the daily, weekly and monthly sales and plots the bar graphs for you. You can set the target sales amounts and the app will instantly show you how you’re doing.

The First
UPS Quantum View & FedEx Insight
Mobile Implementation

EasyTag brings the convenience of UPS Quantum View and FedEx Insight services to your mobile devices.
Whenever anything ships on your UPS or FedEx accounts, whether inbound or outbound, EasyTag will automatically pull the data from the UPS and FedEx servers and make the detailed shipment information available on your mobile devices and in web browsers. You will be made aware of all shipments on your UPS and FedEx accounts.

Invoice Barcoding Made Easy

Our solution for Quickbooks and other kinds of accounting software will allow barcoding of all invoices and packing slips, with barcodes recognized by EasyTag app and associated with shipments. EasyTag Windows Cloud Printer Driver accomplishes two things: it instantly adds a barcode to your document and uploads it to the EasyTag cloud, creating a new shipment or merging it with an existing one. It’s all done automatically!

Evernote Integration

EasyTag is integrated with Evernote. It will save all shipment information with pictures and audio into designated notebooks on your Evernote accounts. This increases redundancy of your data. Evernote gives you a perfect platform for sharing the shipments data with your colleagues or customers, as well as many other benefits such as OCR of the text within pictures and a local syncronization of the data to your computers.

Tracking Barcodes Scanning

Scan all incoming and outgoing shipments with EasyTag app on your smartphone. It recognizes tracking barcodes with all major carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, ...) and lets you take pictures, text notes and audio notes associated with the shipments. When receiving shipments, the scanner in the app will instantly show you information about the piece you’ve just scanned: weight, box number / total number of boxes, sender’s city, state and country.

EasyTag Is Meant For Business

One EasyTag account supports multiple companies with departments and members, so you can keep an eye on all of your businesses at once. Each member can be assigned access privileges by the company administrator. Any user can be a member of any department of any company, as well as the admin of his or her own company.